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The Architecture of Success

Sam and Henry stand proud on the roof at their office celebration party, whisky in hand. They admire their handiwork: an apartment building for which they have just won an award. They should be happy... but Sam is in no mood for celebrating.

The Architecture of Success was a film born of necessity. The Rooftop Fandango Night Bite needed a pickup shoot after the first was rained on. To get value for money on another roof shoot, I decided to write a film to be made at twilight before night pickups could get underway.

This was added to the series as a sort of bookend. A Day Bite.

Designed to be shot multi-camera, the actors performed the film 3 times, end to end, almost as a piece of theatre, before we lost the light.

Nicola Potts (Sam) has a brother in the field of architecture who went over the script and advised on the correct architectural terminology for everything. Unfortunately most of his work was thrown out as the civilian terms worked better for the lay audience.